News An icon of precision craftsmanship – The Meisterstuck Collection by webmaster, 13th September 2021

The Meisterstuck is known to be the most popular and desired writing instrument of any Montblanc collection worldwide. The term Meisterstuck is German for masterpiece, hence the collection is described as both a piece of art and a rich slice of history. This collection has become the symbol for high quality writing.

For close to a hundred years, the Meisterstuck collection has passed through the hands of famous and political figures such as Nelson Mandela, Obama and Yoko Ono, to mention a few.

Mont blanc artisans are known for pouring their hearts and working diligently in every step of the creation process, the popularity of the Meisterstuck collection has been due to their hard work as they continue to create finely-tuned writing instruments of the highest quality.

The nib is the most important part of the Mont blanc Meisterstuck collection. The Mont blanc artisans hand-sculpt precious 14K or 18K gold bands in a process of over 35 skilled steps to create it. Due to the slenderness of the tines and the special geometry of the nib, a high level of precision and a variety of writing styles can be achieved when writing with the instruments from Meisterstuck collection.

The cap and barrel are crafted in deep black precious resin featuring the iconic white Montblanc emblem inlaid in the cap top. These very different and precise elements, including the handcrafted solid gold nib with rhodium-coated inlay, the three ring and cigar shape make the Mesiterstuck a distinctive design icon.

Firmly anchored in writing culture, Montblanc hopes that the Meisterstuck collection would bring to life, inspiring and imaginative stories from writers all over the world.



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