Pearls, the world’s oldest gemstones have never gone out of style. Over the years, they have been recognised as a symbol of wealth, sophistication, and a certain level of class. For a long time, their rarity and exclusivity made them selectively available only to the highly influential in society.

However, since its entrance into the jewellery industry, the pearl jewellery has been re-designed and styled by major fashion brands into a more unconventional and classic modern fashion piece, wearable at any time of the day.

Recently, we found the most alluring array of luxury pearl jewellery at Yoko London. Renowned as the world’s leading luxury pearl jeweller, Yoko London prides itself in designing extraordinary pieces that redefine the way pearl jewellery is worn by women of all ages, portraying them as both classically elegant and fashionably trendy.

With over four decades of experience producing luxury pearl jewellery, Yoko London exclusively sources its pearls from some of the world’s most environmentally certified pearl farms. Cultured by expert pearl farmers, only five varieties of pearls make their way to the Yoko London workshop. They include the Australian South Sea pearls, the Indonesian South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, and the Freshwater pearls.

Japanese Akoya Pearls

Tahitian pearls

Australian South Sea Pearls

Indonesian South Sea Pearls

Freshwater Pearls


South Sea Pearls

Each pearl is painstakingly hand-selected by highly skilled pearl connoisseurs who work tirelessly and with excellent craftsmanship to bring each dramatic and imaginative design to life.

The unique quality of every individual pearl is celebrated in each design, whether they be the peerless Akoya pearls or the elegantly lustrous Australian south sea pearls, whether they are perfectly round in shape or irregularly shaped like the baroque pearls. Every Yoko London pearl collection exudes the class, opulence, and finesse the brand is known for, taking you on an exciting journey into the world of luxury and timeless style.

The Moonlight Collection.

Feel the constellation of the night’s sky accentuate your neck in the moonlight collection. It features the beautiful Akoya pearls layered together in detailed precision with small cut diamonds arranged beautifully for perfect adornment.



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