News Montblanc in Nigeria – Embarking on an unforgettable journey by webmaster, 13th September 2021

This period marks an energizing season for Polo Luxury as we give a warm welcome to Montblanc. Known for producing luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods and writing materials, Montblanc aims at creating products that are lifestyle companions for you and future generations to come.

A brief history on Montblanc.

With an age long tradition of uniting fine European craftsmanship with time-honored designs, Mont blanc brings to life, pieces that emanate classic heritage and refined craftsmanship.

Mont blanc takes absolute care with their process of completing each product. From writing instruments to watches and leather accessories, they engage in the newest technology and have a skilled set of master craftsmen who work diligently in every step of the creation process.

The Montblanc creators pour their hearts into effectively composing pieces that embrace and symbolize the values that shape Montblanc as a brand.  The brand believes that with today’s ever-increasing pace, it is vital to be associated with products that have been crafted to stand the passing of time.


Writing Materials

At Mont blanc, each part of a writing instrument goes through stages such as metal-working, electro-plating, injection-molding and nib manufacturing; then finally come together to be hand-assembled.


Leather Goods

Mont blanc leather goods are created in the most famous leather region in the world, Florence. With a combination of expert craftsmanship, traditional skills and high quality, they produce the finest luxury leather goods.


Montblanc master watchmakers have over 160 years of Swiss watchmaking heritage which they combine with the brands values to create the perfect timepieces.

We are happy to present to you, the biggest Mont blanc boutique in west Africa stocked with the finest array of the most popular Mont Blanc pen collections, pen accessories, leather goods and travel bags.

Explore the world of Mont blanc in Lagos, Nigeria at The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki Phase one.




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